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Life is Fantabulous!!!

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  2007.07.31  12.10

livejournal's fucking weird. I think I should give this shit up cause it's nonexistent in this living life. o-e-vey.

I'm going to summer school right now. entirely by choice. ballin', I know. that and i'm finally unhermiting myself so let the bodies flow. that's summertime.


  2007.03.25  21.33


that = break.

booya. poho was quite satisfing. hell it was fucking amazing as usual.

Mood: nuts/

  2006.11.19  22.58

I just went back and read some of my old entries.

It was so strange what I was expecting of the summer. It's strange what actually happened in the summer. It's weird how Westtown's turned out.

I feel kinda like a useless friend. and to quickly am I growing. changing. I can't keep up with myself. and I feel self-centered, self-absorbed, like just talking about this shows how I only care for myself.

and I miss people. all sorts of people. two at the forefront of my mind right now, but that's right now. later it might be someone completely different. so I'm never not missing someone. ever.



  2006.10.31  02.11

hey guys...

I just had an amazing weekend[yay canoeing!] and a horrible Monday-schoolday. but a good Monday-notschoolday.

next weekend I might go to Maryland with a certain someone.

and this week I'm gonna kill myself with school work.

Thanksgiving is gonna be a-mazin'!: LimaLimaLima!!(hopefully), family time, maybe going to NYC to see those special kids, seeing morristownians(possible party time), fucking Baboon is gonna be here and good ole times with the Kinnelonians.

p.s. but till then there are rocking times here at Westtown. fab times.


  2006.10.22  15.08

yo. goodtimes last night.

no matter where I am there's always someone I miss, if not a group of people. and sometimes I just miss the feelings I get with the person/people, not so much the actual human. or I miss how I am around them. or I miss them dearly.

alwaysalwaysalways missing people. constantly and completely uncomplete.


  2006.10.20  18.56

home for oktoberfest. [kelly you had best be there]

kindareally wanted to be at Westtown this weekend. all the grads are coming back and I woulda been able to meet them[again' finally. and haven't had much time with Dan..stuff.and Kristi and I had some rad plans. rad plans. and I haven't really talked to Claire all week and really...well. you guys. I miss you all too.

and this weekend I get to just chillax and do stuff that I'd be doing no matter where I lived.


  2006.10.15  14.25

4 Jobs I've had in my life...
3)Basement digger

4 Movies I could watch over and over...
1)Triplets of Belleville
2)The Point

4 Places I've Lived...
1)Feyetville, NY
2)Towanda, PA
3)Kinnelon, NJ
4)Westtown, PA

4 Tv shows I love to watch
2)The Honeymooners

Places I've Been on Vacation:
2)Costa Rica

4 Websites I visit Daily
1)almost Myspace

4 Of My favorite foods
1)Lo Mein
2)peanut boutter and goldfish
3)chocolate [soy]milk

4 Places I'd rather be right now
1)On the south lawn with...
2)In Belize
3)At location
4)El Brujo

I want the AIDS walk to get back. Actually, I want to be at the AIDS walk.


  2006.10.02  11.53

hohkay, lunch time.

Life is pretty damn good. the only thing I'm worried about right now is if I have all the polyatomic ions memorized and if Leah(room/soulmate) is actually doing ok. 'cause she assuredly not, no matter what she says.

a little concerned about my art project, this huge mixed media drawing. in class today we all got really depressed about our drawings and moped more then we drew.

I'm doing world religions hw now. the class is utterly disappointing. I pretty much got the worst teacher I could've got out of the three there are. the other two are amazing, engaging, fabulous people and mine is just kinda run of the mill, boring. ag.

I watched the stars with Dan on Friday night, out on the soccer feilds. Had my first 'break-down' since coming to Westtown on Saturday then had the strangest, funniest time afterwards. Slept over at Claire's (room)and got to talk to her about love and words. resloved things on Sunday then went to Quaker leadership. yea quakes!

now it's really blue outside and I think I did well on a math quiz and it's not akward anymore and I still really miss people and everyone crazily. I'll be home next weekend though. weehoo!


  2006.09.25  22.25

hal-righty then,

Georgeness: He's in Belize alive and...living. He's sort of bored, not really have fun, doubting, and still managing to have his positive 'it's life and it's an experience' attitude. He really likes his family.

more later.

Margotness: kinda confused. went on a canoe trip and kinda did the whole...connection thing.

on dorm time ahhh!!!


  2006.09.22  10.41

I'm reading Dharma Bums. It's good.

The boy that lent it to me is named Dan. He's a pretty sweet kid. I finally got to have a conversation with him yesterday and we spoke of 'figuring it out' and citars and obsessions. I reallyreallyreally want to get to know/figure out this guy. hohyea, and be his friend and all.

anyway. Kori is amazing, we're both ready to start an artistic revolution. Ana is a musical genius. Leah's my soul/room mate and Claire is one of the coolest cats you'll ever meet. yea Meat Rainbow!

and how I miss those Lucky Stikes and black framed glasses.

ps. if anyone wants a mini george update, message/ sommthin' me and I can tell ya what's going on down in good ole Belize.


  2006.09.21  12.08

So I totally didn't get that update Captain's log thing the other day. boo for extreme piratishness. even thought I 'am' one. I just was stripey actually.

I'm tired. and summersick. how I miss it.

it got cold yesterday. bbbbbrrrrrrrrr!


  2006.09.19  12.22

Pretty much life.

Sorry contact has been non-exsistent.


call me 484-307-2211.

and maybe you'll catch me while I'm actually on dorm.



  2006.09.08  16.33


goodgood afternoon.
art is/will be amazing.
I get to hang out with max all the time.

goodgood writing coming out. yay for not stopping going crazy yet.

miss you guys afair amount. miss the froup feeling.

miss people...George. can't really breathe thinking about him. not seeing him.

well, good school times.
see you all soon(sorta).
and yay for not turning out the lights ontime.


  2006.09.05  07.03


goodbye loveys, I'll miss you.

and sorry I didn't get to really say goodbye to you, see yas thanksgiving.

red-eyed and weary I'll trudge to the car, clutching [guess who'!] hand and wishing for yesterday to last forever.

Mood: hohmygosh

  2006.09.02  10.31

so yesterday...

I went to this place called New York City.

[Don't know if you've heard of it, since it's such a small place, I only know of it because of some marvelous friends that live there.]

I took the bus in with George, my love.

And when we got out of the Port Authority, Amanda was right there.

We went around the corner for a place to eat, and Amanda and I got to chat about life, the Universe and Silver Bay while George pulled his first disappearing act of the day.

We then took the subway (after some confusion finding it) downtown.

We walked down St. Mark's Pl (must've walked that street 10 times yesterday) and went to Tompkins [Square?] Park, where Amanda and I drew pictures with these girls' chalk and George told the pidions 'The Beat goes on.' We tried to hook up with Sara, but she hadn't fallen asleep until 8 o'clock in the morning.

But then we got a call from Willyt, and he told us he was gonna be picking up Luke Jones...hohmygoshyes!!! So we went to find them.

We then went and found a patch of grass to sit on, then got kicked off by an authority figure who told us the grass was closed. lame.

[It gets kinda blurry around here because we were all a tad tired and cigarettes became our main purpose for an hour or so.]

We ended up eating lunch at a sushi place playing really bad music that aparently Luke Jones really liked. speaking of Jones he made us laugh all day long. It was fabulous.

Afterwards we found another park and made a cigarette assembly line[yay for rolling machines], and talked about weed a little too much.

then we went back to St Mark's 9again0 and decided we really needed coffee. Luke Jones and I went to get some for the group and had the least bullshitty conversation of my life. That kid has very valid advice and is one of the more intelligent people I know. When we got back, Will, Amanda and George had a hat full of money thanks to Will's harmonica and Amanda and George's backup singing. we rock.

We then went to a Starbucks and hung out outside, smoking cloves and be generally quite ridiculous. Reading Keraouc's personal sutra, talking about fait, treadmill stories, being Luke Jones the Bartender and waiting for fucking Sara to show up with here now friend and guitar.

Luke had to leave just as soon as she got there which was a bitch, but then we broke out the guitar and more cloves and more coffee. We then went to stand on the corner and George tried to make some more money playing the guitar. And at this point I looked like a crazy beatnik because I was wearing Amanda's really dark sunglasses and Willy's really tight black hoodie thing with a clove in one hand and coffee in the other.

Random song I 'wrote' yesterday:
Nicotine~~~~and ca-ah-finee, guitar chord
you are...my loves. guitar chord
Cigarettes, and co-ffee tooo, guitar chord
how I lahahvve--you! many guitarnesses

I'm gonna finish this later. Packing time.


  2006.08.17  19.02

life is so flat. my life is never flat. but it is now.

mind you, its never boring, my mind is to pychadelic fo that. [going crazy really works wonders] It just nothing really crazy has happened since Silver Bay. Its been a little too chill.

well, there's still the rest of the summer, and after this weekend, which is potentially heart breaking, maybe I'll get the energy again.


  2006.08.15  23.15

This will be the first night in a while that I will fall asleep just fine.

oooohyea, and george just left. [we broke dad's no vampire rule tonight]...oops.

life is good you fabulous people.

good byes suck. and will continue to suck harder as the times of seperation become longer and longer.


  2006.08.14  22.37

crying myself to sleep tonight.

decided on it.

because life sucks sometimes.


  2006.08.11  22.08


this music makes my heart swell. and I'm still floating high on happy people feelings.

brain intoxication. heart goes pitter patter.

and I'm so exhausted.
I'm gonna go to bed, finish my book and listen to Space Hotel.

p.s. I think I'm missing a killer party, so have fun guys.

p.p.s. how lame am I for having a code name majig?-->very, but it's cool.


  2006.08.10  00.13

It's midnight. do you know where your kids are? [in my ovaries!]

i got up craving chocolate.

so I ate some.

now I'm gonna go blog on myspace, 'cause I'm cool.


  2006.08.07  22.47

because this is the exact same thing I just posted on myspace. two birds with one stone ya know.-->

and I am a mexican.

yay for finally doing something. today was nice that way.

oh and I'm getting better at being sneaky. life's funny that way.

I should've taken a shower. but I took one this morning. and I'm too cool for those things.

I think that afternoon-night is happytime for me, 'cause yesterday I didn't cheer up till people came to my house and today didn't get happy till sommit like five, when I actually started doing stuff.

it was nice. yay for throwing rocks.


  2006.08.07  16.11

I really like people.

a lot.

[btw, people is a code word, see if you can figure it out]

ohyea, and yay for Charlie driving Krystan home last night, because that meant george couldn't drive home till chaz go back. and everyone went to bed. and my cold sore is gone. life was(is) good.

pretty much.

and I miss the quakers. silver bay seems like it was already so long ago.


  2006.08.04  17.32

so erm yea.

How will you take over the world? by The Dark Crystal
How long will your despotic reign last?
How you will rise to powerNo one is really quite sure.
What you will be remembered forYour "attachment" to your mother.
The general of your formidable armyramstone
Your spousepenguin89
Your arch-nemesisdisgracefull
The one who is secretly plotting against youwonderwomanana
The OTHER one who is secretly plotting against yourainbowtastic
Your mercenarypplsfrontojudea
The head of the religion devoted to youthequaker
Just a random flunkytruth_addict
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Edit: I love how helen is the head of the religion. we're totally all hard core quakers now.


  2006.08.03  22.44

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:The Big Cheese
Your symbol is:the lion, for power and pure badass
You rule from:a mountaintop mansion
At your side is:your Jack Russel terrier, Wishbone Jr.
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:ex-dancers who can still shake it at parties
Your most popular law is:Free alcohol to pretty people if they sit with ugly people
Your least popular law is:Irony banned
Your worst enemy is:those awful clashing tapestries in your great hall
Your popularity rating is:: 64%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 2%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Idunno 'bout you, but I think this is pretty amazing.


  2006.08.03  18.22

I love how it gets advertised that I'm having a majig before I have even checked with my parents.

I love you guys.

just next time, let me do the announcing. thanks.

ohyea, there's a movie night at my house tomorrow night, come around 6, just call before hand.

I'm in a mood.


p.s. don't ever go back and read your livejournal. especially when you're in one of the weirder moods you've ever been in.

Mood: Mood

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